5 Big Reasons to Buy the Ultimate Air Cleaner

As allergy and asthma sufferers we build products we use. And need.

In this article I will explain why we make air purifiers. Then show how we make them better and why this matters.

Why we do this

I started this business as a way to help people like my son who suffer from asthma. The medicine for asthma is awful. As is suffering from allergies or pollution. Challenging the status quo to make an air purifier that works better has made a big difference.

Imagine if you could breathe clean air to feel better and be your best. In a safe and natural way.

Air is our most essential life function and everyone deserves to breathe well and be healthy. Our purpose is to make this a reality.

Beyond making air purifiers we exist to give back. We do this through our social impact program called AirLift. So, when you buy an Oransi air purifier you not only benefit, you are helping others. We provide education and relief through air purifier donations that lifts the quality of peoples' lives. It's a big mission as millions suffer from the effects of poor indoor air quality. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people and are committed to achieving this goal.

As part of helping, we are here for you. We are happy to answer your questions and take as much time as is needed. We have been doing this for 14 years and are in it for the long term.

How We Build Air Purifiers

We make air purifiers for the most sensitive. In building them this way they work well for everyone.

We also believe air cleaning devices should be simple to use and reliable.

We use the best components and work with leading scientists. Combining top notch parts with world class talent makes a better air purifier. And it's more reliable. They are also built with safety in mind to ensure no ozone or any other secondary pollution is produced. There are ways to make an air purifier cheap however we do not compromise on performance or quality.

Here is a summary of the 5 reasons.

5 reasons to buy the ultimate air cleaner

Here is how we do it.

1. Why You Need Better Filters

The filters are the most important part of the air purifier. With filters it comes down to quality and quantity.


Quality refers to the efficiency of the filters. This is how well they remove particles.

You need high quality filters. Here's why.

The value in the air purifier is it's ability to remove the smallest particle sizes.

The EPA states, "The size of particles is directly linked to their potential for causing health problems."

These tiny particles can stay suspended in the air for days. They are the most dangerous as they can be breathed deep into your lungs.

Your filter needs to have a high efficiency to remove them since your lungs are not meant to be the filter.

Newsweek recently reported on how these tiny particles cause all sorts of health problems.

Your furnace filters cannot remove the tiny particles. Furnace filters protect the AC system and not your health. Your AC system does not have enough air flow pressure to move the air through a high efficiency filter.

The filter ratings scale is MERV. The scale goes from 1 to 18. It indicates the percentage of different particles sizes that are removed. Furnace filters are often rated MERV 8 or less. This rating level does not remove any of the small particles. Even a MERV 12 filter is not rated to remove any of them. Our filters are up to MERV 18.

We worked with leading scientists in the US to develop our filters. They achieve up to 99.99% efficiency. This is better than HEPA.

It's why our filters were rated #1 in an independent study at Clemson University.

filters rated best

Also why thousands of our air purifiers were bought for a dangerous gas leak in California in 2016.

Other experts rate our filters best. You can read more here.

In addition to quality you also want more filter media.


Quantity refers to how much filter media there is.

Larger filters with more filter media last longer and perform better.

We use up to 40 times more filter media.

The Erik filters have well over 100 square feet of HEPA paper. The EJ and Max filters have 35 square feet. The Finn is closer to 10.

Smaller filters clog fast. This results in less air flow and poorer air cleaning. And more frequent filter replacements.

Filter Depth

Thicker air filters are better. They hold more and last longer without the drop in performance.

Here is how our filters compare in filter depth.

HEPA filter depth

Our filters are quite deep. The air passes through an amazing 16" of filter media with the Erik air purifiers.

Filter Face

The size of the filter face matters. A larger area will have less air flow resistance. This gives you better air flow to clean a larger area. It also allows you to clean the air in a room more often.

It's like drinking through a larger straw. The larger the size the easier it is to drink more.

Here is how our filters compare.

hepa filter face

Filters should work well over time. Not just on day one.

There is a standard called CCM that measures how the filters perform over time. It also gives an indication for filter life. This standard has 4 levels and shows how much a filter can hold.

Level 1 is 3,000mg. Level 2 is 5,000mg. Level 3 is 8,000mg. Level 4 is 12,000mg.

In independent testing at a certified lab our filters tested at 127,584mg. 10.6 times the highest level.

This means our filters last longer and give you greater value.

Having high quality and quantity filters is not enough. You need to also move the air.

2. Strong Air Flow

The motor and fan are the engine of the air purifier. To clean your air you need good air flow. Otherwise you do not properly circulate the air to clean it.

As you may know we make our Erik and EJ air purifiers in the US. In our development process we searched the world for the best motor and fan. We found them at a factory in Germany.

These motors are from the same part of Germany that makes high performance car engines.

You get:

  • Greater reliability
  • Less noise
  • Up to 90% less energy usage

We did not compromise. They are not cheap (cost about 10 times more) and are unmatched in performance.

oransi motor

To deliver good air flow we use large fan blades. This gives you more air flow without a lot of noise.

In fact, the Finn uses two sets of fan blades. This allows us to use one motor with two fans. The result is better air flow that is quiet.

See this guide to see how much square footage an air purifier will clean.

As a veteran owned business we are proud to make the Erik and EJ air purifiers in the US. Previously we only exported the EJ and will soon offer it in the US.

For full disclosure, we assemble the Finn and Max units in China. The motors are of high quality and we pass on the cost savings to you. All products have the same 10 year warranty.

This has been a difficult decision. We do this in order to make them more affordable. What we have seen is that people like the idea of made in USA. But, many do not like to have a higher price.

To ensure the quality, each production is independently inspected by the CSA Group. They open the air purifiers, inspect the components and test to our specifications. It does not ship if it does not pass our standards. This way you can be confident in the quality.

3. US Based Reps to Help You

  • We are based in Austin, TX and happy to answer your questions. We have been in the air purifier business for 14 years and are in it for the long haul. We are experts in our field.

  • Our phone reps are not commissioned. Just there to help you.

  • If our air purifiers are not best for you we will recommend a competitor. The goal is to find the best solution for you.

Austin based sales reps

4. Better Value

  • We are the manufacturer so you are not paying middle man costs.
  • We use more filter and better filter media so your filters last longer. This means you don't have to replace your filters every 3-6 months, saving you money.
  • If there is a problem we solve it.
  • With our filter subscription program, you don't have to remember to order filters. And you get a discounted price. (coming soon)
  • Everything ships free.


5. Peace of Mind

  • We have an A+ BBB rating and are a Google Trusted store.

  • You get a 10 year warranty for peace of mind. With better components you get greater reliability.

  • 100% secure shopping

buy with confidence

Also, customers report they love using our air purifiers since they are simple to use. You do not need a user manual to operate. Just plug it in and enjoy clean air.

Here is a video from a customer that shows how to get started with the air purifier.


In summary, here are the 5 reasons to buy an Oransi air purifier.

  1. Better filters
  2. Better motor
  3. US based phone support
  4. Better value
  5. Trusted

Better components and better engineering talent produce a better air purifier.

We know first hand what it's like to suffer with allergies and asthma. As users of our products we take a customer viewpoint. The product has to work and be easy to use. Best in class filters that work better and last longer are also important.

We are confident we can clean your air since we have helped hundreds of thousands around the world. We see this in customer reviews, hand written letters, emails and customer phone calls.

Everyone deserves to breathe clean air. And feel your best.



Have more questions?

Please contact us and our knowledgeable and helpful customer service team would be happy to help. We also wrote this air purifier guide if you want to learn more.

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