The Best Commercial Air Purifiers On The Market.

Oransi Commercial Medical Grade Commercial & Industrial Air Purifiers are simple to use, reliable, rated #1 in the only comprehensive university study with helpful US based phone reps.

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The guide to commercial air purifiers.

Whether you need clean air in your business, home or commercial property, we will find the best air purification solution for your needs. Our commercial air purifiers remove 99.99% of the smallest airborne particles. Plus you get the best in odor control. Whether it's dust, tobacco smoke, fume extraction, we have you covered.

Not Sure What You Need? See our Help Me Choose wizard to find the best commercial air cleaner for your space! EJ and ERIK650A use treated carbon so can remove more than standard carbon.

Commercial Grade Purifiers For Home

Commercial Grade Purifiers For Home

Need clean, fresh air in your home? Our commercial grade air purifiers for home use industrial filters that remove much more than a HEPA filter or a standard carbon filter. The ERIK650A air purifier uses better than HEPA filters at least 99.99% of the tiny airborne particulates from the air that cause you trouble. This air filtration is what we use to help with asthma and serious allergies.

Have a need for gas removal, odor control or other indoor contaminants? For cigarette smoke, general odors, or volatile organic compounds (VOC's) we recommend the EJ or ERIK650A. For tobacco smoke removal plus more difficult gases such as formaldehyde, methane, natural gas, sewer gas, benzene and many others the EJ or 650A are your best bet. The EJ and ERIK650A have treated activated carbon that does much more than standard activated carbon.

Whole House     Basements     Living Areas     Bedrooms

Commercial Air Purifiers For Medical

Commercial Air Purifiers For Medical

Despite a health focus, medical facilities are subjected to the same poor air quality as homes. People are constantly coming and going. Tracking in germs and dust from the outdoors. Since your facilities are filled with people with lowered immune systems, they’re already unhealthy. Poor indoor air quality will only make them feel worse. With a portable commercial HEPA air purifier, patients will feel better. And appreciate that you are doing everything to provide clean, fresh air while removing indoor contaminants. We know this first hand from our work with
nursing homes.

And best yet, Oransi commercial air cleaners produce no ozone. So, they are safe for you and the patients. We do not make ozone generators or use any other technology like photocatalytic oxidation that create secondary air pollution like ozone.

Doctor's Offices Hospitals Dentist Offices Urgent Care Hospice

Commercial Air Purifiers For Education

Commercial Air Purifiers For Education

Because their immune systems are still being built, children get sick more often than adults. Schools are hotbeds for airborne allergens. In fact, allergies and asthma contribute 14 million missed schools days per year. To ensure classes stay full, use a portable industrial HEPA air purifier and give kids the education they deserve. And get rid of indoor air pollutants.

Our air filtration systems can clean large area up to 1,700 sq ft. perfect for most classrooms. Especially since we make the best air filters - the ideal clean air machine for schools. Need a super quiet air purifier? Then take a look at the EJ.

Grade School Classrooms     College Classrooms     Private Tutoring

Commercial Air Purifiers For Offices

Commercial Air Purifiers For Offices

Thanks to cellphones and social media, productivity in offices is already at an all time low. Poor air quality is even worse for employee production and can seriously cost business owners. Researchers that measure air quality in offices report you can increase productivity by 2.8%-15%. Instead of letting your bottom line suffer, use an industrial air purifier and ensure your employees have the best indoor air quality so they aren’t tired and fatigued.

This means you can make an allergy free haven from pet dander, dust pollen, mold spores, or dust from the HVAC system at your commercial property.

Work Spaces     Meeting Spaces     Support Spaces

Commercial Air Purifiers For Gyms

Commercial Air Purifiers For Gyms

We use gyms to get healthier. That’s the whole point. But, when most gyms contain high levels of dust, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. How healthy is the air you’re breathing when working out? Studies find most gyms actually exceed acceptable air quality levels, whether management realizes or not. If you own or operate a gym, use Oransi portable industrial air purifiers and keep your members lively for longer.

For the stuffy air and smells we use a special activated carbon filter. For dust from the air ducts or even airborne pollen or mold spores, we use true HEPA air filters to catch them all.

Gyms     Health & Wellness Centers     Dance Studio     CrossFit     Pilates Studio     Yoga Class

Questions About Commercial Air Purifiers?

Thank you for your interest in the Oransi clean air systems. Please leave a message in the live chat or fill out our contact form and a representative will respond promptly.

How do you choose an air purifier?

First, determine the square footage of your work area. It's important to have the right air filters and enough air flow to ensure good indoor air quality. See this guide on air purifier room size coverage to make sure your air purification system is strong enough.

What is the best air purifier?

The ERIK650A with coverage up to 1,560 square feet is a powerful portable commercial air cleaner. The EJ120 air purifier is a lower cost and smaller version that cleans up to 1,250 sq ft. These systems are durable, have no installation, they remove smaller particles plus pollutants like gases, chemicals and odors and can run to give you clean air 24/7.

Where should I place your air purifier?

The air purifiers can be placed against a wall. It is best to have them away from any openings to the outside. If buying one air cleaner, place it in the most critical space. For multiple air purification systems, place them evenly throughout your space. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Commercial HEPA Air Purifier?

In a commercial or industrial setting, the safety of those who visit your premises is paramount. Ensuring the health of your, your employees and your clients should be a factor constantly top-of-mind. Oransi’s specialized range of commercial air purifiers has been developed specifically for commercial and industrial applications, such as smoke and gas removal, fume extraction, antibacterial and air disinfection, odor elimination, and much more. Some key benefits of using commercial air purifier are:

  • Eliminate potential asthma triggers and allergens - depending on the nature of the commercial environment which a business may operate, tiny particles from airborne substances (such as dirt, dust, smoke, mold, pollen, carbon monoxide to name a few) can present a risk to the public, especially those with allergies and individuals who may suffer from asthma.
  • Extract harmful gasses and particles - harmful pollutants in the air such as chemical fumes, gases, and particulates can be drawn into commercial premises due to day-to-day activities as part of your business operations or the environment which you operate in. Urban areas can be subject to noxious levels of chemical particles such as carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and diesel exhaust particles.
  • Cleanse air of carbon dioxide - in commercial spaces such as older office building or industrial warehouses or manufacturing plants, carbon dioxide may not be circulated out efficiently potentially causing nausea, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, weakness, loss of mental abilities and other negative effects on those individuals spending countless hours every day in that space.
  • Eradicate unpleasant odors - improve the workplace experience of your clients, customers, and employees with an odor-free environment 

Why Are Oransi Air Purifiers The Best Rated Commercial Air Purifier?

Proudly referred to in The Huffington Post as "the Tesla of air purifiers" our number one goal is simple: clean, fresh air for you. Oransi commercial air purifiers have been consistently rated number one in performance and reliability. Backed by science, by experts, and by real test results - Oransi manufactures the only air purifier to produce completely clean air based on the testing conducted by Clemson University and ranked #1 in air purification (removing mold, pollen, dust and bacteria). The Clemson University Microbiology Lab conducted air purifier tests on four leading air purifiers. The goal was to find the purifier that produced the cleanest air. The result? The Oransi was the only purifier to produce totally clean air.

Our range of commercial air purifiers undergo stringent testing and quality assurance checks to ensure perform better and last longer than any other indoor air purifier around, a sentiment shared through top reviews and ratings from experts as well as our global customer base, from small local businesses to multinational corporations.

Our commercial and industrial air purifier set the benchmark for commercial air filtration. For more detailed information on why Oransi air purifiers are the best rated commercial air purifiers available in the US market, explore expert reviews from industry leaders and independent lab tests, and recommendations from major US media publications such as Forbes, CNN and Bloomberg Businessweek here.

Who Can Use Commercial Air Purifiers?

Any business with concerns about the quality of their air and the presence of air pollutants (odors, allergens and other fine particles, smoke and gases) can benefit from an Oransi commercial air purifier.

Oransi commercial air purifiers have become the preferred choice of air purifier for the offices, meeting spaces, and business centers of many of the world’s top brands. In addition to our vast network for corporate customers, we regularly partner with organizations of all sizes to consult with them on their commercial air purifier needs, such as:

  • Medical centres, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare providers,
  • Local/State/Federal Government Departments and Agencies,
  • Gyms, Dance Studios, and other Fitness Centers,
  • Bars, clubs and other entertainment venues,
  • Hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and other accommodation venues,
  • Restaurants, cafes and other eateries,
  • Schools, colleges and universities,
  • ...and many more.

We are proud to be able to provide clean air to the many renowned organizations who use Oransi commercial air purifiers every single day for the well-being of their people and their customers.

Visit our “Who Uses Oransi Air Purifiers?” page to discover the wide range of organizations we work with.

What is The Difference Between A Regular Air Purifier And A Hospital Grade Air Purifier?

The main difference between a regular air purifier and a hospital-grade air purifier is the filtration efficiency and effectiveness of the filter within the air purifier. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. These ratings are used to rate a filter's ability to remove particles from 10 to 0.3 micrometer in size from the air as it passes through the filtration system.

Many standards, lower-grade air purifiers use a foam pre-filter and those fall in the MERV 1-4 range and are the lowest-performing filters. Filters and air purifiers with a higher MERV rating not only remove more particles from the air but smaller particles as well.

What Makes Our Purifiers The Best For Medical Grade Air Filtration?

Through our years of experience and investment into R&D, we know an air purifier is only as good as the filter within. As such, we developed a range of Commercial Medical Grade Commercial & Industrial Air Purifiers specifically engineered and rigorously tested for the US market. As a higher performance pre-filter will further improve the quality of the air, we recommend a MERV 6 to MERV 8 rated pre-filter to balance the filtration capabilities with less airflow resistance. Every air purifier offered from Oransi has an overall MERV rating of 16-18. 

The Oransi Erik 650A Air Purifier is an example of Oransi’s dedicated R&D efforts to build the Ultimate Air Cleaning Machine® for medical-grade applications. Featuring a large, highly-efficient HEPA filter made in the USA and rated at MERV 18, this hospital-grade air purifier collects 99.99%+ of the smallest airborne particulates (in addition to gases, odors, smoke, VOC's) 0.3 microns or larger in diameter such as bacteria, fine dust, all mold, all pollen asbestos, copier toner and some viruses - making it the perfect choice as a commercial air cleaner for businesses.

How Do Our Commercial Air Purifiers Ensure Utmost Safety?

We never compromise on quality or performance. Our commercial air purifiers were designed for people with sensitive systems like COPD or asthma. In order to create the best air purifiers and ensure the utmost safety of our customers, we thoroughly test the performance of our commercial filters in world-class labs against stringent American standards and hold a multitude of certifications giving you assurance of their compliance with American regulations. We engineer all our commercial air purifiers with safety, easy to use, Reliability and Quality all front-of-mind.

The Oransi EJ and Erik air purifier housing, filter media and electronics are all made in the USA. This range uses mechanical filtration only and does not feature an ionizer or anything that could potentially create ozone.

The primary air filtration for the Finn and Max air purifiers is HEPA. They have a low level (1 watt or less) negative ionizer which can be turned off with the simple touch of a button.

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